Friday, April 19, 2019

Note 2. On Notizen zu Klee / Notes on Klee
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“Painting from nature is not copying the objects: it is realizing one's sensations” Cezanne

2. [Klee-Exzerpt:] “Diesseitig bin ich
gar nicht fassbar. Denn ich wohne
grad so gut bei den Toten, wie bei
den Ungeborenen. Etwas näher dem
Herzen der Schöpfung als üblich.
Und noch lange nicht nahe genug.
Geht Wärme von mir aus? Kühle??
Das ist jenseits aller Glut gar nicht
zu erörtern. Am fernsten bin ich am
frömmsten. Diesseits manchmal et-
was schadenfroh. Das sind Nuancen
für die eine Sache.”

2. [Klee excerpt:] “By no means can
I be grasped from within this world.
For I dwell just as much among the
dead as among the unborn. Some-
what closer to the heart of creation
than usual. And yet nowhere near
close enough. Does warmth emanate
from me? Coolness?? This is by no
means to be discussed beyond the
white heat. I am most pious when
most distant. In this world some-
times a bit malicious. These are [all]
nuances of that one thing.”

Thought can’t be held fast, fassen, “Diesseitig bin ich
gar nicht fassbar.” to the accidents or surfaces. In reading a surface one is “caused” out of the inner being or substance. 
The “dead” substance, the subject or noun, the fact is being also for the "unborn”. The mystery of the substance and 
accident is that of reading the inside of beings. Is thought the 
coldness of reason or the warmth of spontaneity that supports? “Geht Wärme von mir aus? Kühle??” 
The history of being, from substance reached by nous to subjectivity which projects onto what has a 
 shadow, "Das sind Nuancen für die eine Sache.”

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