Thursday, May 24, 2018

Considerations of energeia and dunamis in the Tract of the Kunstwerk 

Whatever we decide, the question of the origin of the artwork turns into the question of the nature of art. 
But since it must remain open whether and how there is art at all, we will attempt to discover the nature 
of art where there is no doubt that art genuinely prevails. Art presences in the art-work [Kunst-werk]. 
But what and how is a work of art?


The energia first praises the dunamis. So long as what is überhaupt, what is overhead, is the actuality of 
power (the potential as the actual as what is stored), everything moves in the ground first prepared by 
the Greeks. The Galilean sciences, which is no longer natural science (careful investigation of what 
comes forth of itself, and, ultimately, of the human being), but SCIENCE of NATURE (read = the full 
knowledge in advance of the world totality through mathamatical pure abstraction as method to be 
applied to the never investigated concrete given sphere which more and more disappears as a 
matter of possible careful consideration), never produce an end in the Essence of Technology that 
is Open as such. Rather, they bring the First Beginning with them into their culmination and 
perfection as completion of the a priori mathamatical physics as the fundamental ground of knowing.

Every time we speak of what “genuinely prevails” in the “work”, we think back into what at first is 
rigidly actus purus, qualified by Kunst. Art is already sensed as what is snatched back from the 
Philosophy of Überhaupt become World Picture as Energia without Power. Even the Power is 
thought as energia qua “a” pure Science of Nature.

Assumptions: In the work called Heidegger the pure Science of Nature is perpetually at play 
in the investigation as what is superimposed on all the thinking, even that prior to Plato. 
Nietzsche, in his refusal of the Science of Nature threatens to deprive the Technological 
Essence of its power to ground the thinking. The Nihilism, as pure Nihilism of Power, 
is set off against Power as pure actuality. Kunst could as readily be replaced by any 
subject matter, e.g., geology, forestry, gender fluidity studies, milk, cobalt skies, et al..    

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