Thursday, April 12, 2018

Stepping Down From What Sustains in what is Lofty, and Must Sustain


Since τὸ ὂν and τὸ ἕν belong together in this way, it follows that λέγεται δ᾽ ἰσαχῶς τὸ ὂν καὶ τὸ ἕν
( I [x] 2, 1053b25 ). “Being and one are said in equally multiple ways”.  


Everything basic is alien to us, thus we remain expelled from the region we must move in. 
The plight of everything basic is done with human beings so decisively that they seem to 
taunt human beings openly, they who are long used to walking busily along the path which 
goes infinitely on towards more honorable advanced and lavish beings. To win a place 
among what is simple, how little has this come to our attention amidst history. 
The Historial is the domain of the End of Being, it is what lets the Event region. 
Aristotle was already too lofty!

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