Friday, February 2, 2018


Ectypes of the Trace of the Being of History as the History of Being, 
prodromal to the thinking of the decisive resolution

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Thus by now it must be clear that the equation of τὸ ὂν and τὸ εἶναι is not an accidental,
external, whimsical word choice but the first utterance of the fundamental question and 
answer of philosophy.


If we treat this in a Prussian fashion then what it says is that man, most of all the philistine as the 
educated idiot, finds in the avenue of existence the invasion of being, which means that from now 
on one suffers the radical deprivation of a principle of uniformity of nature. Soon enough, already 
with Aristotle, it is implicitly available. The history of the West is therefore the history of holding a 
single thought in one’s mind’s eye. This thought, however, is always the rift of what a rubric of Greek 
logic, of Greek speaking, of reason in the chic of Greek diologic transport, does not achieve and does 
not seek. Indeed—all is not a Sample Space—all is a true question. 

When one has before one an equation to calculate, let us say, the decibel level brought about when a 
much of force is active in banging against something. Say, when a machine releases a certain force by 
slamming a door, such that the vibrations can be reliably predicted in advance on the basis of this or 
that value. The black box of the input-output becomes available to man as man. Beside the technical, 
there is the prudential, where it is asked, how is one to use the technical, but at once the technical 
saturates everything available to prudence, to man as man. All this is so obviously the play of the 
First Beginning, racing through being, that one can hardly fail to see it! 

For now, however, it is utterly without practical meaning that one see this. And yet, in the grasping 
of this History of Being how far-reaching a mood resounds.

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